ProFitX has officially launched to the public with the first version of the NBA Athledex

The all-in-one sports index contains individual profiles on all 430+ NBA athletes, that includes 17 AI & Time-Series Models providing insights and projections into player contracts, performance trajectory, team roster construction, player potential, and athlete development. The platform is powered by a proprietary real-time contract value that factors in position versatility, efficiency, age, injuries, and production to provide a dynamic real-time contract value and contract projections so the athlete knows his worth and if he is under-performing or over-performing on his current team contract. “The NBA Athledex is unlike anything you have ever seen before, it’s an NBA playground for users. The entire platform is custom built, calibrated to the finest detail around the CBA and the modern style of basketball and designed to be used by the entire sports ecosystem with a new lens on the financial side of sports.” -Joshua Ebrahim, Founder ProFitX is currently offering two packages with a Full-Access League Pass available to teams, agents, athletes, trainers, and media personnel and an Offseason Package for fans where they will get access to up to 25 athletes with 8 models providing key insights into NBA Free Agency.