ProFitX 3 Free Agents that maximized their payday

By Harrison Grimm
5 Free Agents Set To Cash In

The Free Agency period doesn’t just bring hope for teams, but also for players found throughout the league. It is a player’s time to cash-in on potential life-changing contracts as a reward for their stellar play and hard work. This free agency brought countless surprises in many aspects, including within pay. Today we’ll be taking a look at three players that landed massive paydays using ProFitX’s projections.
Our first player is coming off of his first ever finals appearance. The all-time great Chris Paul managed to ink a 4-year/$120 million deal to return to the Suns. That is a lot of money, especially for a 36-year old point guard. However, this contract is far from undeserved, as Paul has been crucial to Phoenix’s success through on-court and off-the-court production. The Suns simply could not allow Paul to walk out the door, and this contract shows just how valuable he is to the franchise. For the short-term it’s a fine contract, but how Paul will physically hold up will truly determine how this deal goes down in history. Thankfully, Phoenix has one of the best medical staffs in the entire NBA. The Suns medics have prolonged many careers, and it will not hurt that the team re-signed Cameron Payne and brought Elfrid Payton aboard to help ease the load on Paul. ProFitX projects Paul to be a $29.9 million dollar player next season, which closely aligns with the contract he signed. Not many point guards as old as Paul can get anywhere close to a deal like this, so that speaks volumes on how special a player he is.

Speaking of older point guards, our second winner of the free agency period is Kyle Lowry, who went on to sign a fully guaranteed $85 million deal over the span of three years with the Miami Heat, via sign and trade. This signing has much in common with the Chris Paul deal. Lowry is 35 years old already, and this contract will be paying him nearly $30 million at the age of 38. Again, even when age is considered, this contract is far from unjust. Lowry helped Toronto to their first NBA title and has aged like fine wine. How long he’ll continue to beat father time remains to be seen. ProFitX projections have Kyle Lowry’s real time contract at a medium of $25.6 million next season. Landing a $85 million deal as a point guard at Lowry’s age is quite the accomplishment, and speaks to how much the league values everything Lowry brings to the team and court.

Our last player is not a point guard. Rather, it is Evan Fournier, who now will play for the Knicks. The team agreed to a $78 million deal over the span of four years. Fournier has proven to be a quality scorer and shooter throughout his NBA career, and he was due for a decent payday. ProFitX’s medium projection next season has Fournier’s value at just over $15 million. Fournier’s average annual salary has been just under $20 million, so he actually got a decent amount above his projected worth. Again, this is far from a “bad” contract, barring injury — Fournier brings solid perimeter shooting and scoring to a team that desperately needs it. The Knicks also bringing Kemba Walker aboard doesn’t hurt and I’d expect this signing — along with their others — to help propel the Knicks towards more successes into the postseason. Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, Evan Forunier are just some of the players who managed to take advantage of their situation and cash out with life-changing contracts. Each of these players should be commended for their work that they put in to get them to this level of success.