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ProFitX Rookie Extension Analysis 2020: Clippers and Luke Kennard agree to 4 year/$64,000,000 contract

ProFitX Rookie Extension Analysis
Luke Kennard was drafted by the Detroit Pistons and was traded to the LA Clippers after three seasons. Right before the beginning of the 2020-2021 season, the LA Clippers elected to offer Kennard a rookie extension for 4 years/$64,000,000 with a 4th year team option. ProFitX insights show his Real-Time Contract Value at the time of the signing at $10.6M vs 2021 Team Contract that will pay him $12.7M. The AI contract projections show that Kennard’s future contract value is between $7.2M and $9.7M range with a suggested value of $8.5M.

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