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2020 Free Agency ProFtiX Analysis: Clippers and Reggie Jackson agree to 1 year/$2,331,593 contract

ProFitX Free Agency Analysis 2020

Reggie Jackson signed a 1 year/$2,331,593 contract with the Clippers. The ProFitX Athledex insights show his Real-Time Contract Value for the 2019-2020 season at $14.3M vs his new Team Contract that will pay him $2.3M in 2020. Jackson’s value comes from his Perimeter Shooting the past two seasons with our Position Versatility model shooting at a high level from behind the arc. Our models also indicate Jackson’s ability to distribute the ball and create good looks for his teammates on the perimeter. Jackson improved his attribute rating by almost 50% beginning on April 7, 2021 with a 44.07 Rating on Perimeter Passing to 87.03 during his playoff run. The Clippers are getting tremendous value on Jackson’s contract throughout the 2020-2021 Season at a Team ROI of +1000.34% including the playoffs. Jackson has outperformed his contract during the current season and in the playoffs from $16.7M to $25.6M with an increase in value of +34.54%.

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