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2020 Free Agency ProFtiX Analysis: Bucks and Pat Connaughton agree to 3 year/$16,000,000 contract

ProFitX Free Agency Analysis 2020

Pat Connaughton signed a 3 year/$16,000,000 contract with the Milwaukee Bucks last offseason. The ProFitX Athledex insights show his Real-Time Contract Value for the 2019-2020 season at $7.4M vs his new Team Contract that will pay him $4.7M with a Team Option for 2022 at $5.7M. Connaughton has shown improvements in shooting the past two seasons with our Position Versatility model and improvements on the defensive end over the past two seasons from the left side of the perimeter and finishing in the paint. This case study shows the development of play from Connaughton and that the Bucks are getting tremendous value throughout the 2020-2021 Season at a Team ROI of +246.94% during their run to the Finals. Connaughton has outperformed his contract during the current season/playoffs at a Real-Time Contract Value of $14.4M to $17.6M with an increase in value of 15.79. Connaughton is proving to be a steady and reliable presence in the rotation of Mike Budenholzer’s lineup. Our 2 Year AI contract projections show that Connaughton’s future contract value in 2022 & 2023 is between $5.7M and $7.5M range with a suggested value of $6.6M which should make for an interesting decision come 2022 on the Player Option

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