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2020 Free Agency ProFtiX Analysis: Knicks and Nerlens Noel agree to 1 year/$5,000,000 contract

ProFitX Free Agency Analysis 2020

Nerlens Noel signed a 1 year/$5,000,000 contract with the New York Knicks last offseason. The ProFitX Athledex insights show his Real-Time Contract Value for the 2019-2020 season at $6.6M vs his new Team Contract that will pay him $4.7M. This case study shows the consistent level of play from Noel and that the Knicks did not overpay for Noel throughout the 2020-2021 Season at a Team ROI of -7.32%. Noel maintained his level of play on the defensive end as seen in the Team Fit Defense model during the current season at a Real-Time Contract Value of $4.6M with an increase in Playoff Value of 6.58%. Noel proved to be a steady and reliable presence in Tom Thibedeau’s lineup dealing with injuries as they made the playoffs this season as the #4 playoff seed.

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