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2021 Free Agency ProFitX Analysis: Knicks and Taj Gibson agree to 2 year/$10,100,000 contract

ProFitX Free Agency Analysis 2021
Taj Gibson and the New York Knicks recently restructured their deal to a $10.1M/2 year contract. Gibson’s 2020 real-time contract (RTC) had a value of $5.9M. Our projections predict him to have a Fair Market Value of $7.2M (LOW). The Knicks are listed as one of Gibson’s best fitting teams, as he can be a defensive anchor behind both Nerlens Noel and Mitchell Robinson. His interior defense and defensive impact reflect this on our TeamFit tool. Gibson has proven to be a durable player, even given his age at 36 years old. He’s appeared in nearly 86% of the games played in the past 4 seasons. Our Injury Risk tool showcases his durability throughout his career.

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