How ProFitX helps Teams

ProFitX’s Athledex gives you updated indexes for each active NBA player along with 17 Artificial Intelligence and Time Series models. This software allows you to compare and contrast player performance, relative to their contract value, using our proprietary algorithm. With this process teams are able to utilize our software to maximize their return on player investment. ProFitX offers a wide variety of tools to help teams that including:

  • Real-Time Contracts that gauge an athlete’s financial worth
  • The ability to analyzing an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Finding the best fit for both player and team based on players found on the active roster

ProFitX identifies gaps in player development and maximizes contract value by closing holes in performance. In addition, coaches gain valuable insight into specific matchups against teams and/or individual players based on playstyle.

How ProFitX helps Agents

ProFitX will help you legitimize player portfolios with data driven reporting that keeps you two steps ahead of the dribble and equipped with state-of-art analysis and reporting. Our software will also:

  • Provide you with reliable, real-time data to support their clients and ensure they receive fair-market value.
  • Offer real-time contract analysis to help level the playing field between teams and agents — giving an unbiased number to show an athlete’s comprehensive financial worth.
  • Use artificial intelligence within the software that calculates and projects a 3-year HI-LOW salary range for use in a free agency period. This tool provides an exact value of the client, along with a list of teams that best fit their playstyle, taking into consideration their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Include developmental projections with specific skill sets that helps athletes focus on prolonging their careers.


The software we have for you is one-of-a-kind and designed to maximize your earning potential. Every day our team works diligently to provide up-to-date, real-time, statistical data that puts the power of negotiation in the palm of your hands. With our artificial intelligence and algorithmic machinery, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus on key areas of development during the offseason
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Find teams where you’ll be an ideal fit
  • Maximize your exposure
  • Receive two-year projections on your performance and value

What ProFitX provides to the Fans

Whatever your pleasure, ProFitX has the solution. Learn how ProFitX can provide you with a user friendly, seamless, and exciting way to level up while increasing your voice within the game you love most. Our platform grants you access to unprecedented data that better informs your decision making and overall fandom.

Our software offers in-depth player and game insights using detailed athlete performance data to project player outcomes and performance. Don’t miss out. We’re ready when you are.

GM Mode

Here you will gain key insights into how professional teams operate, develop their athletes, make trades, consider roster lineups and individual performance, strategic roster building, and contract analysis with Front Office optics designed for the athlete.

FanDex Portal

Fans are the biggest stakeholders in the sports ecosystem. The FanDex will provide fans with the ability to make their voice heard within every aspect of team operation.

How ProFitX helps the Media

Media is the heartbeat of NBA basketball and responsible for sharing the incredible stories found throughout the league. ProFitX has numerous tools to help media professionals find the statistical evidence needed to write valuable, reliable content. All of our tools will help the media generate engaging content based upon sound performance and financial insights that will back up your opinion with exclusive data.

Learn the game inside and out

The NBA has been at the forefront of the analytics movement that helps propel teams to compete for titles. At ProFitX we embrace this and want to share these real-time, advanced statistics with the entire world. Our software offers user-friendly models, creating an intuitive and educational experience.

How we help Trainers

Our software allows you to see specific areas of an athlete’s strength and weakness, such as: their play in the pick and roll, driving to the basket, midrange game, and others.  Breakdowns of the data allows trainers to formulate developmental workout plans best suited to tackle a player’s weaknesses and improve performance on the court.