NBA Athledex

ProFitX’s NBA Athledex houses a wide collection of talent found throughout the NBA. Need information on a specific player? You’ll find it at ProFitX.AI – each active NBA player exists within our platform. The Athledex features the first comprehensive real-time financial and performance index, powered by artificial intelligence and analysis of key statistical data including a player’s: on-court performance, development, potential, team fit, injuries, and playing style.


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Creating a Competitive Balance

ProFitX provides Real-Time Contract values based on factors like games played, injuries, efficiency, versatility, performance insights and more. Know a player’s real-time value now.

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Contract Analysis

Generates fair market value, the development of future performance, and the identification of best team fit.

Performance & Financial Trajectory

Monitors the financial and performance expectations of players, projects the short-term and long-term success of players to ensure peak performance in real-time/ over time.

Find the Right Opportunity

Our models adapt to roster changes and with this feature you’ll see how a player fits within any team in order to analyze their current trade value on the open market.

Minimize the Risk

Our financial impact insights include: valuing/counting against real time value, injury prevention and impact, contract assurance, projected value, prorated contract analysis, and load management.

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ProFitX is the next-gen of dynamic sports technology. It gives me a competitive edge with data I’ve never had access to before in my time as an agent. It’s designed to give you Front Office Level type of optics and there is an incredible amount of data to gather insights from. ProFitX has helped me in recruiting potential clients, in-season/offseason athlete development, preparing for contract negotiations, and team roster dynamics that my clients will face. Agents and athletes need this information. It’s very easy to navigate and understand the insights being projected. Having hard data to present will only strengthen my position to put my clients in the best possible situation

Bobby Petriella

Rosenhaus Sports
President of Basketball

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