The NBA Athledex
Moneyball in a box

The sports ecosystem’s first ever comprehensive real-time financial and performance sports index powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you understand the athlete’s key factors in performance, development, potential, team fit, injuries, player DNA, and real-time and projected contract values.

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Create Competitive Balance

Pure real-time contract value given to each athlete that factors in games played, injuries, efficiency, versatility, and performance insights to create a real-time baseline contract value for everyone to start with.

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Precise Contract Analysis Change

AI projections on Contracts, Performance, Development + Potential

Experience the evolution of athletes from a business perspective

Performance and Financial time-series models

Find The Right Opportunity

AI insights on optimal Team Fit & Trade Value

Minimize The Risk

Dynamic AI insights on Athlete Injury History/Load Management

Smarter Decisions,
Creating Leverage,
Maximizing Potential

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